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GlowUP LED Mirror

GlowUP LED Mirror

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Ανακαλύψτε τον τέλειο σύντροφο ομορφιάς με τον GlowUP LED Mirror. Αυτός ο καθρέφτης σας προσφέρει την απόλυτη εμπειρία make-up, ενσωματώνοντας LED φώτα που προσαρμόζονται ανάλογα με τις προτιμήσεις σας, δημιουργώντας τρία διαφορετικά είδη φωτισμού.

Με επαναφορτιζόμενη λειτουργία μέσω USB, αυτός ο καθρέφτης είναι πάντα έτοιμος για χρήση και σας προσφέρει την απόλυτη ευελιξία στην καθημερινή σας ρουτίνα ομορφιάς. Αποκτήστε τον Τριπλό LED Καθρέφτη σήμερα και απολαύστε μια εντελώς νέα εμπειρία στο make-up και την περιποίηση!

1. Adjustable Light: Long press the power button, you can adjust the light brightness as your needs. the light of the led makeup mirror is natural and soft, bright but not dazzling to protect your eyes.
2. Three Light Temperatures: Warm, Natural, Cold Light, three light tones, get right light color for right occasions.
3. Magnification Mirror: Detachable 10X Magnification Mirror with suction pads on the back, can stick on main mirror surface for combine using.
4. USB Rechargeable: 2500 mAh battery capacity, lasting approx. 8 days with 30 minutes of bright lighting every day, once fully recharged.
5. 180° Ratable: This Table make-up mirror can be 180° pivot rotate, providing more flexibility on finding the best suitable make-up angles.
6. Unisex and Travel Friendly: This Vanity Mirror is convenient for men's morning shaving and women's makeup. Trifold and cordless design makes it easy to carry when travel.

Frame material: ABS
Lens material: silver mirror
Power supply mode: charging/power supply

Package Content:
1 x Makeup Mirror

1 style [rechargeable] three-sided flat mirror,
2 style [chargeable model] 2 times 3 times magnifying glass on the left + flat mirror on the right,
3 style [rechargeable] three-sided flat mirror + 10 times magnifying glass,
4 style [chargeable model] 2 times 3 times magnifying glass on the left + flat mirror on the right + 10 times magnifying glass
5 styles: three-fold cosmetic mirror (normal magnification mirror, 2x mirror, 3x mirror), three-color charging

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